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Art & Engineering Grant

Request for Proposals

Deadline: September 1st, 2016


What is the Art & Engineering Grant Opportunity ?


Art & Engineering is an opportunity to have artistic work exhibited in a gallery on the University of St. Thomas’s St. Paul campus in 2017. The Playful Learning Lab, a University of St. Thomas engineering research group led by Dr. AnnMarie Thomas, will award a grant of up to $5,000 to a Minnesota-based artist/maker (or group of artists/makers) to create an installation addressing the interplay between art and engineering. This program is designed to promote experimentation with and artistic expression of engineering ideas.


To submit a proposal for the Art & Engineering Grant, please adhere to the following guidelines.  Proposals must be submitted electronically by 5pm CST on September 1st, 2016.


Ideal Applicants and Areas of Interest


This program is open to individuals and groups based in Minnesota. Preference will be given to individuals or groups with ideas about art and engineering that have not been previously explored. Applicants are encouraged to think broadly about how their installation can be exhibited and to play with the way art and engineering can be combined.


The exhibition space is the entrance to the University of St. Thomas Design and Engineering Laboratory and is highly visible to engineering students as they pass through it on their way to class. It is our hope the funded work will serve to inspire students to think about how they can implement creative and artistic principles in their technical work.


The dimensions of the space in which the installation will be housed are as follows:


Width: 30 feet

Depth: 8 feet

Height: 13 feet


The back wall of the space is shown on the following page with additional measurements. There are no other walls confining the space (it is essentially a hallway between classrooms and labs), but applicants are encouraged not to exceed the dimensions of the allotted space.

What are the Major Criteria for Awarding the Grant?


  • The project must be led by an artist/maker or group of artists/makers based in Minnesota

  • The project must explore ideas and concepts of engineering

  • Potential of proposal to inspire undergraduate engineering students


A contractual relationship must be established before the grant or workspace is awarded.  This contract shall set forth the scope and duration of the project, any milestones (if applicable), timing of the funds to be distributed, third-party involvement, intellectual property, licensing, and ownership.


Submission Requirements


  • Name of the applicant(s) and brief bio for each project member

  • Name of the project

  • Description of the proposed project (1000 word max)

  • Brief essay answering the following questions (750 word max for combined two questions)

    • Why is your project a meaningful exploration of engineering?

    • In what ways do you think your project will influence the engineering community?

  • Detailed project budget plan

    • Each applicant or group must submit an itemized budget, explaining their planned use of the grant funds and the total amount of funding requested (up to $5,000). Applicants are encouraged to include a stipend for their time as part of their proposed budget.

  • Any applicable sketches, images, schematics, renderings, or artwork that help to establish the overall goal of your project (not required).


Additional Information


Please submit questions and applications to AnnMarie Thomas -

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