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As a teacher, I work to create engaging, hands-on experiences for my students, with an emphasis on real-world applications of the material we are covering.  

ENGR171 Engineering Graphics and Design is required for Mechanical Engineering majors and Engineering Education minors. The course covers engineering design processes, sketching, presentation skills , Computer Aided Design (SolidWorks), client relationships, and rapid prototyping. At least one project each semester involves working with a non-profit partner, such as the Works Museum, Magic Arms, Diavolo, and the American Museum of Asmat Art.

ENGR320 Machine Design and Synthesis is a required course for Mechanical Engineering majors, and is typically taken during the third year of undergraduate study. The course looks at the literal nuts and bolts (and gears and belts) of machine design. Students work in pairs on a semester-long design challenge culminating in a Machine Design competition at the close of the semester.

ENGR488: Dynamics with Circus Laboratory is a course utilizing laboratories at a local circus facility to explore dynamic modeling and data collection. Topics cover equations of motion, dynamic modeling, Lagrangian techniques, motion capture techniques, and experimental design. Students have the option of participating in labs involving low casting, flying trapeze, German wheel, bungee trapeze, trampoline, and Spanish web.

ENGR488: Toy Design is a four-week-long intensive J-Term course exploring the history, regulations, manufacturing, and design process of toys. Visits from guest experts – of both the toy-making and toy-using variety – complement a hands-on deep-dive resulting in the presentation of functional, play-tested toy prototypes.

EGED530/ENGR130: Fundamentals of Engineering for Educators is a broad engineering experience for in-service and pre-service teachers covering electronics, machine design, manufacturing engineering, computer programming, thermodynamics, statics, and fluids and mechanics of materials. The class includes hands-on activities and links to academic standards.

EGED531: Engineering Design for Educators teaches engineering design processes for K-12 educators. Design projects, hands-on computer labs, lectures and field trips introduce students to the engineering design process in a variety of fields. Students learn to create engineering drawings, apply an engineering design process, use computer-aided-design technology, and work with rapid prototyping tools. Strategies for incorporating engineering design into the PK-12 classroom are discussed.

Seminars are a part of my work with St. Thomas and are often in collaboration with a professional colleague. Past seminars have included topic such as "Brain Machine Interfaces" with Dr. Roxanne Prichard, and "Product Design for an Aging Population" with Dr. Mary Anne Chalkley.


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AnnMarie Thomas, Ph.D.